Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ever Wondered How The Circuit De Catalunya Looks From A Driver’s Perspective? (Video)

Only a handful of people will be lucky enough to experience the Circuit de Catalunya, one of the most iconic on the calendar.

For the rest of us we must make do with video game representations, or trying our very hardest to imagine the experience on race day.

However, we can now see just how it would look to be behind the wheel of a Formula One car, on the Spanish track.

was fitted up with an eye-level camera and let loose to show us just how the circuit looks from a racers-eye-view.

Every bump in the tarmac can be felt and every change in elevation experience during the lap of the track, illustrating the demands placed on the driver.

[There is a video that cannot be displayed in this feed. Visit the blog entry to see the video.]

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Formula1Fancast/~3/E9Bv-wN60tk/ever-wondered-how-the-circuit-de-catalunya-looks-from-a-drivers-perspective-video

Chris Bristow Peter Broeker

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