Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Sebastian Vettel wins the 2012 F1 World Championship

Red Bull make it a double triple, as Vettel becomes the youngest triple F1 champion.

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Welcome to F1Minute - Sebastian Vettel wins the 2012 F1 World Championship.

Sebastian Vettel crossed the line in sixth place at the Brazilian Grand Prix, securing his third F1 World Championship in a row, and becoming the youngest driver to pick up three titles. It was a worrying race for all involved, after Vettel was knocked to the back of the field at the start, picking up some damage to the exhaust.

We even saw Adrian Newey sitting on the pit wall studying a printed picture of the damage to the car, presumably trying to figure out how race-threatening it really was. In the end, Sebastian worked his way through the field to sixth, doing just enough to win his third title.

Afterwards, he said: “It was an incredible race. They tried to make everything difficult for us today. I think it was the toughest race, but we kept believing and remained ourselves.”

Team boss Christian Horner added: “He thoroughly deserves this World Championship because he has never given up. Congratulations to Fernando Alonso too, he has been brilliant this year. That is what makes this Championship so worthy, because he has been up against the best.”

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