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Ferrari boss hits out at Bernie Ecclestone

Luca di Montezemolo and Bernie Ecclestone enter war of words after Ferrari opt not to protest Vettel in Brazil.

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This is F1Minute - Ferrari boss hits out at Bernie Ecclestone.

Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo has issued a scathing attack on Formula One Management chief Bernie Ecclestone, saying: “Old age is often incompatible with certain roles and responsibilities.” The war of words began when Bernie Ecclestone labelled Ferrari a complete joke for asking for clarification on an overtaking move by Sebastian Vettel in Brazil.

Video footage came to late after the race that showed Vettel may have overtaken under yellow flags, and if Ferrari had protested, this could have affected the championship. The Italian team did not protest, but simply asked the FIA for a clarification on why the move was legal.

Bernie said: “I think it’s not really like Ferrari to do this. I think they badly wanted to win. But if you want to go back and see what Ferrari have done down the years...”

Di Montezemolo did not take kindly to this attack and responded: “My father always taught me that you have to have respect for your elders, particularly when they reach the point they can no longer control their words.”

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