Sunday, October 14, 2012

FIA fine tune front wing load tests for Suzuka

The FIA take a closer look at what may be sneaking through scrutineering as they tighten up on front wing load testing.

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This is F1Minute - The FIA fine tune front wing load tests for Suzuka.

In the ongoing battle to restrict aerodynamic movement on F1 cars, the FIA have tweaked their load tests on the front wings for the upcoming Japanese Grand Prix. Eagle eyed paddock members have spotted that the Red Bull and McLaren front wings move when the cars are racing at speed, which is not allowed in the regulations - although the wings were getting through the crash tests okay.

BBC technical analyst, Gary Anderson explained: “It was reported to the FIA and they have been looking at coming up with a different load test for the wing’s rigidity. There’s nothing in the rules about rotation so the FIA has moved the point of application of the load test rearward to try to ensure it catches any wings moving in that way.”

The FIA reportedly looked at the Ferrari car ahead of the weekend’s action in Suzuka today, and McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh doesn’t expect there to be a problem on the McLaren either. There’s no word from Red Bull, yet, however.

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